Australasian Philosophers

These profiles show examples of significant research being undertaken by Australasian philosophers. 

Could rename this page ‘current projects’ or something? The “Australasian” aspect is kind of redundant as every page focuses on Australasian philosophers. It seems we are focused on promoting current/ongoing or currently funded research here. 

If we want to create profiles for this page it would be good to contact people that we feature and request a picture of them. Then we can make slides with a brief description of the research and their picture. An example of James Norton below. 

New South WalesDr James NortonThis project aims to develop the first unified account of progress in science and philosophy, by extending the noetic account of scientific progress into an account of philosophical progress. According to this account, progress consists in increased understanding, i.e., in grasping how something depends on, or fails to depend on, something else. Developing a unified account will shed light on the nature of intellectual progress quite generally, as well substantially advancing meta-philosophical debates about (i) the prevalence of philosophical progress; (ii) whether, and the ways in which, expert disagreement would undermine progress; and (iii) which philosophical methodologies promote progress.