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Some ideas for NZ philosophers in the media which could be featured, but still need to be properly presented: 

Tim Mulgan on how ethics should be the foundation for creating covid policies that do not only focus on protecting the elderly:


(published May 1, 2020 – so early into the pandemic) 


U.S. Teacher on how Rosalind Hursthouse helped his classroom discussion on how the debate around abortion should not focus on rights alone (polarizing).


Quote from article: “Whether women have a moral right to terminate their pregnancies is irrelevant for it is irrelevant to the question, ‘In having an abortion in these circumstances, would an agent be acting virtuously or viciously or neither?” It was Hursthouse’s belief that bringing that question into focus, what counts as not reverting to lowest common denominators, would sharpen the moral sensitivities needed to talk together about abortion.


Article challenging the U.S. court system and revising the constitution quoting Jeremy Waldron on how the verdict/ opinion of judge and jury lack any grounds in political philosophy and are based mostly if not solely on knowledge of procedure.



Influence of philosophy for making actual laws: regarding hate speech, by Jeremy Waldron



Includes several philosophers on animal ethics including Rosalind Hursthouse again:


Challenging the popular outcry “AI is unethical!” based on using fake images/pictures



AI is unethical based on sidestepping privacy/ personal data 



Using ethics to change laws again: suicide should not be a crime punishable by law



Using ethics to change health care NZ



Dominic O’Sullivan on the limits of treaty policy in shaping NZ University policies. 



Simon Keller on how we should understand mental health.