The Impact of Philosophy

An extensive look into the value of Philosophy in Australasia

Here you’ll find resources that demonstrate the value, diversity and impact of Philosophy in Australasia.

How do we visualise the impact of Philosophy in Australasia?

Philosophical training equips people with valuable skills which lead to diverse and exciting career opportunities.

Philosophical research deals with fundamental problems and contributes to many areas of academic research.

Philosophical engagement in public life promotes critical reflection on, and insight into, key societal issues.

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About us: The Australasian Association for Philosophy (AAP) is the peak charity for the promotion of philosophical research, education and scholarship in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Membership consists of academic philosophers, including students, as well as community members with an interest in philosophy. This site has been created by Eliza Goddard and Shannon Humphrey on behalf of the AAP. Find out more about the AAP at